Anchorage Attractions

Spend the day viewing native Alaskan animals such as snow leopards, moose and polar bears at the Alaska Zoo, or watch whales, view dinosaur fossils, gaze at fine paintings or attend a symphony performance—no matter what your interest, Anchorage provides a wide range of area attractions and activities for couples, families and individuals alike. During your visit to Anchorage, you'll appreciate how close we are to some of the most popular attractions in Anchorage Alaska, and you'll love coming back to our elegant boutique hotel after a day of sightseeing or recreation. If you're in town on business or for a convention or conference, there are plenty of attractions you can enjoy in the evening hours that are just minutes from The Historic Anchorage Hotel.

Anchorage Area Tours & Sightseeing

Alaska Railroad Tours

One of the best ways to take in the unique beauty and wonder of Alaska is by rail. Offering round-trip day trips to exciting destinations throughout Alaska that are accessible only by rail, the Alaska Railroad is a fun way to travel to Alaska's attractions while viewing the untouched landscapes and mountains from the comfort of a train car.

Whale Watching

Witness the beauty and grandeur of the largest mammals in the world on a whale watching expedition in Kenai Fjords National Park. Philips Cruises and Tours offers full- and half-day whale watching cruises where visitors get to see the curious and magnificent behaviors of humpback whales, killer whales and blue whales, among others.

Glacier Cruises

Cruise around Prince William Sound on a breathtaking tour of some of Alaska's huge glaciers and unique wildlife. Phillips Cruises & Tours offers visitors options for tours by cruise as well as a combination of cruise and tour by the Alaska Railroad that will take sightseers on a journey that includes seeing whales, sea otters, bears and bald eagles as well as massive mountains of ice, all with narration by experienced tour guides.

Wildlife Cruises

Philips Cruises and Tours offers a variety of scenic cruises that takes guests around the beautiful sights of Prince William Sound. View puffins, sea otters, whales, sea lions, spawning salmon and a variety of other wildlife on one of the company's exciting wildlife cruises.

Culture & History

Art Museums and Galleries

Anchorage Museum
For a day of art and artifact viewing of some Alaska's most interesting and comprehensive art collections, visit the Anchorage Museum. Large-scale Alaska landscape paintings, drawings and sculptures as well as dioramas, ethnological displays and native Alaskan art exhibits adorn the halls of this huge, sleekly designed museum.

Alaska Native Heritage Center
The Alaska Native Heritage Center presents artifacts of the indigenous cultures of Alaska in its various collections. Through viewing figurines, tools, utensils, clothing, masks, jewelry, sculptures and paintings, visitors will learn of the rich heritage of Alaska's native peoples, such as the Wup'ik, Cup'ik, Aleut and Alutiiq.

Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts features sensational dance, music, opera, ballet, theater and symphony performances throughout the year. Get a front-row seat and enjoy the best entertainment and music that Anchorage has to offer.

Artique, Ltd.
View fine art by local and international artists at Artique, Ltd. With a large collection of everything from oil and watercolor paintings to ceramics, jewelry and hand-blown glass, you're sure to be inspired and delighted in this Anchorage art gallery.

Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum
Learn about Alaska's aviation history and view airplane displays at the Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum. With a variety of historic airplane models and photos as well as full-size planes and parts, this museum catalogs and honors Alaska's aviation  heritage.

Museums for the Whole Family

Alaska Museum of Natural History
View and learn about huge dinosaur fossils, rocks, minerals, animal skeletons and a plethora of other natural exhibits at the Alaska Museum of Natural History. Dioramas depict animals and sea life in their natural habitats, and visitors can view tropical sea shells, mammal skulls and native carvings among other interesting exhibits.

Imaginarium Discovery Center
For a hands-on science museum that the entire family will love, visit the Imaginarium Discovery Center at the Anchorage Museum. Explore interactive exhibits like the Bubble Space where bubbles demonstrate surface tension, shapes and light reflection, or BP Kinetic Space, where guests learn about energy, force and motion through electricity exhibits.

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